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Logo Competition – Win $100 to spend at REI

By Geojoe
Uncharted Staff

We need a logo with an “exploration” feel to it. Better yet, something that screams explore, live life, and being immersed, using all the senses. Something that goes with the name Uncharted nicely. It needs emotion. It needs to reflect the feeling you have hiking around Colorado, biking in New Mexico, hang gliding off a cliff in Idaho, etc.. and not just seeing, but also hearing, feeling, smelling, all the senses.

We’ve had a lot of trouble coming up with something that wraps up the emotion we want to communicate. No, its been a nightmare. Easily the toughest time I’ve ever had when helping develop an effective logo. Maybe you have our solution. Call it begging, fine. We need a frigg’nlogo!

Just reply to this message and post an image or link for your proposal, or shoot us an e-mail. The winner of the proposal will get a $100 gift certificate to REI.

I’m excited to see what you might propose. Good luck!

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